FotoniLabs is a company dedicated to providing innovative tools and services for R&D and manufacturing of imaging systems.


Nearly every market segment and industry employ cameras in some shape or form. However, cameras are not plug-and-play components, and getting the best performance and image quality out of those camera require expertise in camera technology and camera characterization. We provide our customers with advanced camera characterization solutions, image quality tuning and testing services and world-class expertise.

Mobile devices

Hundreds of millions of photos are taken every day with mobile devices. Consumers expect better image quality with each new generation of devices.


Cameras embedded in automobiles are required to perform in various challenging environments and lighting conditions. When it comes to self-driving cars, the reliability of the whole system depends on the cameras.

Medical imaging

Miniature cameras, such as capsule endoscopy cameras, are getting very common in the medical industry. Diagnostic accuracy depends strongly on the camera image quality.

Display technology

Most photos are examined on display devices such as LCD monitors instead of photographic prints. Accurate color reproduction requires knowledge of the whole imaging pipeline from the camera sensor to the display.